If you’re new here or a returning customer you may wonder where all the stock has gone! Unfortunately I ran into a formulation problem. My sodium hydroxide that I’ve been using for ages has degraded, probably down to a storage issue in the supplier I get it from. Because of this my soaps were very soft with a high superfat percentage.

This is not so bad because the soaps I made using that sodium hydroxide (lye) were incredibly moisturising. I have been finding the unpleasantly cold spring to be hard on my skin, but the recent batches I made were wonderfully soft, gentle and made a real difference.

However, these soaps are also very soft, fragile and don’t last nearly as long. It’s hard to ship something so delicate and be sure that it’ll arrive at its destination in a nice condition.

Anyway, a few experiments later with different suppliers, and we’re back on course. There’s the core range which will be restocked soon, along with a couple of fun batches including a mentholated monochrome gothic one inspired by everyone’s favourite mournful teen, Wednesday Addams.

These will be available to ship four weeks from the date of production. They can be back ordered now, but won’t be sent until the third or fourth week of July.