We are the Don’t Eat Soap Company. Why? Well, it won’t do you any harm if you do eat it, but we think it’s probably not a good idea.

We aren’t just re-melting industrial soap bases in the microwave, adding some herbs and colours and charging you through the nose for the privilege. We are using the traditional method of combining oils with sodium hydroxide lye, used by people all over the world for centuries. Each bar takes at least four weeks to be ready and its lather will improve over time. 

We’ve chosen not to smother our soaps in heavy fragrance, spurious claims, buzzwords, scratchy plant matter or other weird ingredients. We can’t say that our soaps will charge your crystals or rebalance your humours, but you never know. We also thought that just because something is environmentally friendly (you can even compost the tiny leftovers), it doesn’t mean it can only come in rough hewn textures and shades of worthy brown. 

We will say for certain that they look great, lather beautifully in the sink, bath or shower and leave everyone’s skin clean without feeling dry. They’re ideal for travel too. Soap is naturally antibacterial and it is safe to share a bar, or you can slice it up if you’d prefer. 

All our soaps are inherently plastic free, self preserving and contain only skin safe ingredients. We don’t need to add harsh foaming agents like SLS to our soap – it’s simply not necessary. 

We have ensured that we comply with all relevant UK regulations for your safety, including current CSPRs. 

Directions for use: wet soap, lather and use as needed. For best results leave soap to dry between uses. We recommend the use of a soap dish. Cracks and dark lines may appear as the soap gets used and ages. This is quite normal and the soap remains safe to use.